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Street Car/Bus
Route 9

Route 9 - Vine-Norwood

The red line represents the part of the route within Norwood's border.

The Route 9 electric street car, on Sherman Avenue, stopping to pick up a passenger on the way back east to Montgomery Road. The car just came from the east, turned into McNeill Avenue, and backed out to this position on Sherman Avenue. This section of track was called the McNeill Avenue "Wye" because it was in the form of the letter "Y." This photo was taken in 1947. Two years later the street cars were replace by electric powered buses, using the same overhead double-line used by the street cars.

The route was from 6th and Walnut on 6th to Vine, to McMillan, to Woodburn Avenue (according to a 1925 Cincinnati ordinance, it was Gilbert, not Woodburn), to Montgomery Road, to Sherman Avenue, to "Y" at McNeill Avenue; returning over same route to 9th, to Walnut, to 6th.

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