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Street Car/Bus
Route 8

Route 8 - South Norwood

    This route serviced South Norwood and was the method used to get workers to and from the U. S. Playing Cards and Allis-Chalmers plants, and other factories in the Beech, Forest and Park Avenues area.

The route was from 4th and Main on Main to 5th, to Broadway, to viaduct, (according to ordinance Cincinnati 322-1925, the route was instead Main-9th-Sycamore-Reading-Florence) to Gilbert Avenue, to McMillan, to Park Avenue, to Chapel, to Woodburn Avenue, to Montgomery Road, to Cleneay Avenue, to Floral Avenue, to Williams Avenue, to Forest Avenue, to Kenilworth Avenue, to Beech Avenue; returning on private right of way ( PRW: just north of Park Avenue at Allis-Chalmers) to Forest Avenue, to Williams Avenue, to Floral Avenue, to Cleneay Avenue, to Montgomery Road, to Woodburn Avenue, to Chapel, to Alms Place, to Yale Avenue, to Gilbert Avenue, to viaduct, to Broadway, to 4th, (according to the 1925 ordinance, the route after Gilbert was Florence-Reading-Sycamore-6th) to Main.

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