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Street Car/Bus
Route 5

Route 5 - Norwood

    This route was probably the successor to the 1891 "Eden Park" route and the 1898 "Norwood Route." Where the Eden Park route may have had to take the Mt. Adams Incline to downtown Cincinnati, the No. 5 route could stay on the city streets.

By at least 1927 (according to Williams' Directory), the route was: from 6th and Main on Main to 9th, to Sycamore to Reading Road, to Florence Avenue, to Gilbert Avenue, to Montgomery Road, to Harris Avenue, to Forest Avenue, to Norwood Avenue, to Pine Street; returning to Harris Avenue, to Montgomery Road, to Gilbert Avenue, to Florence Avenue, to Reading Road, to Sycamore (previously to Broadway, instead), to 6th, to Main.
   Today, the exact route would not be possible. Neither Montgomery Road nor Pine Street connects with Harris Avenue anymore. Both intersections were the casualties of the Norwood Lateral (S.R. 562).

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