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Street Car/Bus
Route 70

Route 70 - Oakley

    This route just barely went through the southeastern tip of Norwood on Madison Road at Edwards Road and was probably used by the Norwood citizens near it and the workers at the LeBlond plant and other nearby businesses. It was relabeled Route "A" when the Cincinnati Transit Company took over and Route 11 by SORTA. (Note: Edwards Road, Robertson Avenue and Duck Creek do not connect today, because of I-71.)

Partial map of Route 70 (in blue), with Norwood section indicated in red. Passengers with destinations north on Edwards Road, e.g. Norwood and the Oakley racetrack, or south to Hyde Park, would transfer to the Edwards Road Branch car (Route 67?) at the Madison Road/Edwards Road intersection. Route 70 Oakley, ca. spring 1947, entering the Madison and Edwards Road intersection from the east, heading back downtown. Two years later, the street cars on this route were replaced with trolley buses using the same overhead electric lines. Around 15 or so years later, diesel buses replaced the trolleys on this and other routes.

The route was "From 4th and Main on Main to 5th, to Broadway, to viaduct, to Gilbert Avenue, to McMillan, to Woodburn Avenue, to Madison Road, to B. & O. R. R. at Oakley (a loop); returning over same route to Broadway, to 4th, to Main."

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