Empty Streets
in Norwood, Ohio.

According to the 1917-18 Williams Norwood Directory, some streets did not have any buildings. Therefore, any house located on those streets had to have been built after 1916 or was demolished prior to 1917. Another possiblity was that there were unoccupied houses on the streets. However, vacant houses were listed—for example, on the south side of Edmondson Road at the intersection with Edwards Road, there were ten vacant houses. For a list of all street names in Norwood click here.

  • Arbor Place —from Edwards, west
  • Cathedral Avenue —from Montgomery, west
  • Clermont Avenue —from Carthage, west to Hunter
  • Cross Street (removed ca. 1917) —from Montgomery, east
  • Dudley Avenue —from Hopkins, north
  • Edmondson Road —from Duck Creek, southeast to Edwards
    Note: there were 10 vacant houses on south side at intersection with Edwards (these may have been new homes built for the Lodder Subdivision or Dacey Subdivision)
  • Homer Avenue —from Quatman, north
  • Irving Place —from Montgomery, east
  • Langdon Avenue —from Harris, north to Highland
  • Laurel Avenue —from Crown, north to Foraker Av.
  • Leslie Avenue —from Smith, east
  • Linden Avenue —from Melrose, north
  • Mayer Avenue —from Hannaford, north
  • Parmelee —from Mound, northwest
  • Prentiss Street —from Montgomery, east to Lindley
  • Wakefield Place —From Parmalee, northeast to Sheridan
  • Wanda Avenue —from Allison, east to Montgomery
  • Worth Avenue —from Section to Carthage