Site Seeing in Norwood in 1898

From the book Cincinnati & Vicinity, 1898,
Brown, The Cincinnati League:

    "... At Peebles Corner take either Norwood or Vine and Norwood cars, which run north on Gilbert Avenue, one of the pretty residence streets of Walnut Hills.
    "Leaving Walnut Hills, the ride continues through a most picturesque country to Norwood, six miles distance from the city, passing the suburban villages of Idelwild, Evanston, Elsmere and Ivanhoe en route. Get off at Hopkins Avenue, Norwood, and view the village at your leisure, as it is one of the beautiful and thriving residence places in the vicinity of the city. Floral Avenue, its prettiest thoroughfare, is one mile long, 120 feet wide, and is paved with asphalt. Norwood has its own electric light and waterworks plants.
    "The return trip to the city can be made via the Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern railway, or, if preferred, by taking an inward-bound Norwood electric car to Pebbles' Corner."

[Another excerpt from this book]