From a newpaper article in the The Cincinnati Times-Star newspaper,
Friday, May 25, 1888.

May 25, 1888
List of Amateur Base Ball Clubs in Cincinnati and Vicinity

    There are hundreds of amateur clubs in this city and vicinity, and the Times-Star Directory as here given embrances only the most important of the number. Many of the teams are uniformed. Perhaps a "second edition" of the Directory will be necessary, and then clubs not here noted will be given a place. This is a good list for the amateur ball players to cut out and paste in their hats for reference. Challenges sent to the addresses given will meet with ready response:

  • Arctics, of South Cumminsville—H. F. Erd, 70 West Fourth street.
  • Acorns—G. Hatke, 113 East Third street.
  • Anchors, of Dayton, Ky.—Wm. Ullery, 71 Sycamore street.
  • Avenues—R. Wilson, 68 Harris avenue.
  • Acme, of Walnut Hills—Thomas Kirton, 79 Spring street.
  • Atlantic Juniors—Wm. Poers, 174 East Sixth street.
  • Americas—C. M. Zimmerman, Canal and Walnut.
  • Atlantics—J. De Rose, 17 Concord Place.
  • All Around—James Burbridge, Elm street, Newport.
  • Blue Ribbbons—F. Schlichte, 64 Linn street.
  • Camp Washington Stars—Charles F. Holtman, Court House.
  • Cincinnati Favorites—John Byrne, 2 Oregon street.
  • Clippers—Edward Phelan, 8 Kenton street, Walnut Hills.
  • Chesters, of Fairmount—P. Reibold, Harrison and Queen City avenues, Fairmont.
  • Chesters, of Newport, Ky.—H. C. Schwartz, 293 Williamson street, Newport.
  • Corryville Reds—Fred. Engelhardt, 2 Van street.
  • Copecs—Manager's address, 59 Broadway.
  • Crescents, of St. Bernard—A. G. Mummert, Captain
  • Centennials—Edward Beigel, No. 173 Bank street.
  • Carlisle Stars—W. Beland, 57 57 Wood street.
  • Centrals—C. McCabe, 210 Richmond street.
  • Cincinnati Grays—L. Baumgartner, 21 Storrs street.
  • Cable—J. Brewer, 420 Vine street.
  • Covington Stars—J. E. Applegate, Fourth and Walnut streets.
  • Chiefs of Harrison street—E. Long, 14 Harrison street.
  • Desperadoes—Frank Breen, 5 Ellen street.
  • Dusters—daniel Butler, Russell & Morgan Printing Company
  • Donaldson—capt. Bohlander, 113 Main street.
  • Deluge—S. Hannan, 57 Pike street.
  • East Ends—T. Comer, No. 188 East Front street.
  • East Walnut Hills Juniors—Chris. N Schile, Jr., Norwood's drug store, E.W. Ellis.
  • Eclipse Juniors—J. Hasty, No. 389 East Pearl street.
  • Elmwoods, of Elmwood—John Sonners.
  • Eclipse—D. Ross, 763 Vine street.
  • Eclipse—Frank J. Behle, 434 Fxxxxx avenue.
  • Emerald—Manager's address, No. 80 Browne street.
  • Echos—A. Kruthauf, Third and Pine.
  • Florence—H. Doel, 18 Kenner street.
  • Flat Irons—H. Carroll, this office.
  • Grabier Base Ball Club—C. Haus, Captain.
  • Harmony—Charles Hollander, No. 56 East Second street.
  • Hillside—T. J. Lickleiter, Sratoga and Will streets, Newport, Ky.
  • Hornet—W. Elberfeldt, 22 Milton street.
  • Ivory—E. Rothan, 17 Moore street.
  • Ivys—F. McGinn, O.&M. frieght office.
  • Items (of Dayton, Ky.)—Webb Cunningham, Dayton, Ky.
  • Irvine Club—C. Mehaffy, Dayton, Ky.
  • Indians—Charles Adams, C.,C.,C.& I. Freight Depot.
  • Little Stars—L. Heine, 313 Geroge street.
  • Live Oaks—F. Althauser, 336 Western avenue.
  • Leisure Time—Manager's address, 311 Baymiller street.
  • Little Nicols—Keck Wheeler, 717 Colerain avenue.
  • Lone Stars—Manager's address, 103 Harrison avenue.
  • Laurels—Martin Daley, 28 Celestial street.
  • Little Rocks—J. Assur, 68 Carlisle avenue.
  • Mystic—Wm. Langenhehn, 25 Orchard street.
  • Mainbars, of Elmwood—P. P. Scherer.
  • Nonpareils—H. Welsh, 112 Queen City avenue.
  • North Side Stars—George A. Duey, Western Union Telegraph Company.
  • Osborn, Hutchins & Hunt, (millinery team)—Wm. Rechtin, manager.
  • Onken & Vance Base Ball Club—Address, Manager, care of that firm.
  • Our Boys—H. Yost, 209 Spring Grove avenue.
  • Pacifics—Theo. Wormuth, 116 Canal street.
  • Pendleton Stars—H. Cady, 21 Stader avenue.
  • Queen Citys—Frank Hazard, Ninth and Harriet streets.
  • Rosedales—J. Chard, 200 Wade street.
  • Red Juniors—Joe Holmes, manager, care this office.
  • Ravens (of Newport)—James Kinsella, Newport, Ky.
  • Rockaway—F. Leonard, care Cincinnati Stamping Company.
  • Silver Stars—A. Rosenacker, 90 Cook street.
  • Standards (of Aurora, Ind.)—John W. Ulrich, Aurora, Ind.
  • Shermans—Wm. Myer, 12 Sherman avenue.
  • Tidbits—George Weeks, 298 Carlisle avenue.
  • Trounstine (A. J. Club)—John Conner, care A. J. Trounstine Co.
  • Tremont—Ben. Tillett, 81 Tremont street.
  • Trimmers (of Sechler Carriage Works)—T. J., 336 Erstern avenue.
  • Times-Star—Will. Schultz, care this office.
  • University Cincinnati—Henry W. Bettman, Cincinnati University.
  • Wagon Tongues—Challenges to 64 Linn street.
  • Watters Club (J. M. College nine)—Joe Kearney, care Watter's College.

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Because of the condition of the original, there may be spelling errors in this list.