Two clippings from the The Cincinnati Times-Star newspaper,
Friday, May 11, 1888, and Friday, May 25, 1888.

May 11, 1888
The Miami Valley League.

    In every city in the country from one to a score of amateur base ball associations live and thrive. Cincinnati with dozens of amateur clubs and the suburbs with as many more have been sadly behind her sister cities in that respect. Yesterday afternoon the Miami Valley League was organized, and now that the ball has been given a vigorous push there is no good reason why several other leagues should not follow. Seven clubs were represented at the meeting, but it was the sense of the majority that a four club league would be much better than six. The clubs present and the delegates were:
   Mt. Lookout–C. F. Ehler and Collie Forbes.
   Madisonville– C. B. Ferguson.
   Linwood–S. H. Brown, Horace Smith and H. E. Byron.
   Walnut Hills–George Riddell, Harry Carroll and Frank Cloud.
   Avondale–H. J. Davidson, Fred. Sellew and M. K. Johnson.
   High School Nine–A. C. Greenlees.
   Norwood—Norton Westlake.
    By vote the clubs chosen were Mt. Lookout, Linwood, Madisonville and Walnut Hills. A permanent organization was effected by the election of these officers:
    President, Ren Mulford, Jr., of the Times-Star; Vice Presidents, Horace Smith, Linwood; C. B. Ferguson, Madisonville; George H. Riddell, Walnut Hills, and Collie Forbes, Mt. Lookout; Secretary, Charles E. Ehler, and Treasurer, Harold Byron.
    Messrs. Irving McAvoy, of Mt. Lookout; J. F. Klein, of Madisonville; Moulton K. Johnson, of Walnut Hills and Sam. Brown, of Linwood were appointed members of the Schedule Committee and they will report at another meeting a week from to-day. The championship season will probably begin Saturday, June 2. Two games "at home" and two "abroad" will comprise a "series" and three series of twelve games will be played by each club. The rules of the American Association will govern the League and the Reach ball was adopted as the official ball.

May 25, 1888
The Highland League.

   A new Amateur League is being formed, composed of the East Walnut Hills, Grandin Roads, Norwood Reds and Pleasant Ridge teams. The name will, in all probability be the Highland League. The Norwood Reds are now fully organized, and is composed of the following players, Cross, c.; Armel, p; Finch, 1st; Staggaman, 2d; Russell, ss.; Everhart, 3d; H. Kraus, l.f.; Hart, c.f., and Riley, r.f. This league will play Saturday games only.

List of amateur base ball teams in the Cincinnati area in 1888.

Having been shut out of the newly created Miami Valley League (even with Norwood resident Ren Mulford, Jr., as president of the league), the Norwood team decided to help start another league—The Highland League.