Norwood's William E. Bundy for
President of the Ohio Republican State League

A clipping from the The Cincinnati Post newspaper,
February 3, 1893:


    Attorney W. E. Bundy is a candidate for the Presidency of the Ohio Republican League, and although one of the youngest aspirants for the place, seems to start a good chance of winning.
    A few days ago Mr. Bundy visited Columbus and was prevailed upon by friends to enter the race.
    The election of officers takes place Feb. 14, at Columbus and will be a hotly contested affair.
    Other candidates are: W. Locke, of Warren; Representative Doty, of Cleveland, and State Auditor Poe. The latter, it is said, will be prevailed upon to run, notwithstanding the fact that he is at present not disposed to do so.
    Mr. Bundy is indorsed by many of the former friends of Poe, who declare that they will vote for the former, even if Poe is put up against him. Among others who indorse Bundy is W. I. Squire, of Toledo, the present Chairman.
    The canvass for votes among the delegates has already commenced.
    There are over 500 clubs to be represented by the five members each. The voting will therefore be quite heavy.
    W. E. Bundy is a nephew of ex-Governor Foraker and was once Clerk of the Board of Elections.

W. E. Bundy, a Norwood resident, was Norwood's Solicitor. Two-time Ohio Governor Foraker was at one time a Sharpsburg resident. The former Foraker Terrace and current Foraker Avenue were both named after him.