Since the information was taken from several sources, the dates and data may conflict.
  • 1828, September 8 — David Mills and wife leased their land on County Road (Smith Road) near the Montgomery Pike intersection to the Sharpsburg school
  • 1850 — the one-room Sharpsburg school house was replace with a two-room brick building (at some point named "Central School")
  • 1884 — the brick school building was replaced by a four-room, two-story brick building
  • 1885 — according to the 1944 yearbook, six students took the first two years of a high school curriculum when it was first offered by Norwood at the Central School
  • 1887 — four more rooms were added to the school building
  • 1892 — 2 two-room brick buildings were build and occupied as "colony" schools (North Norwood, a.k.a. Marion, and Williams Avenue schools)
  • 1893 — two rooms were added to the two new schools
  • 1895 — according to the 1944 yearbook, the first regular four-year high school course was begun at the Marion School (a temporary quarters)
  • 1896 — according to the 1944 yearbook, the high school moved to the Central School building, as the grade school was moved to the newly built Allison Street School
  • 1896 — a 12-room elementary school was built at Allison Street (was this actually the high school - elementary may have been built in 1900?)
  • 1900 — the Allison Street Elementary School building was constructed south of the high school building
  • 1901 — according to the 1944 yearbook, the high school outgrew the Central School building and was moved to the Allison Street building
  • 1908 — the first Norwood annual was published. It was a special edition of the school paper, The Beacon, which was later renamed The Mirror. The Silhouette was the name of the yearbook published 15 years later.
  • 1910 — land was acquired for a new high school building on Sherman Avenue
  • 1911 — on October 15, the students and faculty of the old Central School building moved to the new Sharpsburg School.
  • 1911 — on December 26, "Sharpsburg" was officially made the name of the new school at Smith Road and Forest Avenues, when it was registered in the school board's minutes.
  • 1912 — construction began on a new high school building at Sherman Avenue
  • 1914 — the new Sherman Avenue High School building (now the middle school) opened
  • 1914 — the Allison Street grade school moved into the former high school building at Allison and Courtland
  • 1915, June — the old Central School building was demolished
  • 1915 — North Norwood's current building was constructed
  • 1915 — Norwood View School was constructed
  • 1917 — the Allison Street grade school building (formerly the high school) was destroyed by fire
  • 1923 — the first Silhouette is published
  • 1924 — an east wing of eight rooms was added to the high school at Sherman Avenue
  • 1929 — a ten-room addition, including an auditorium and gymnasium, was built at Norwood View
  • 1931 — the west wing was added to the high school
  • 1934 — four rooms were added to Norwood View
  • 1938, September — a cafeteria was established at North Norwood and Allison Street schools
  • 1950, September 5 — the Norwood Technical School opened; it was a four-story addition to the high school; not all of the furniture and equipment was in place for the first days; in addition to being a day-time school, it was also used for adult and post-high school night classes. the first principal of the Technical and night schools was Lowell Selby
  • 1952 — the current school and administration building was constructed at Williams Avenue
  • 1952 — four more rooms were added to Norwood View for kindergarten and 1st grade (there were now 24 rooms at the school)
  • 1959 — the Sharpsburg Primary School building was constructed across the street from the Elementary School building
  • 1968 — Norwood became a member of the Hamilton County Joint Vocational School Dstrict and was affliated with Scarlet Oaks branch of the Great Oaks Joint Vocational School
  • 1970, July — construction started on a new high school building to the west of the high school at Sherman Avenue
  • 1972, May — students moved into the new high school building; the old high school building became a junior high school
  • 1972, September — the new high school building was completely opened for the new school year