Moved Buildings in Norwood, Ohio.

This is the start of a list of houses that have been moved from location to another in Norwood.
More will be added as they are discovered.

  • Courtland to Mills
    Moved from 2041 Courtland to a vacant lot at northwest corner of Mills & Walters.
    Moved to allow expansion of Norwood Baptist Church on Courtland.
    House was a 1-family brick residence.
    Permit was issued by building inspector Henry B. Burwinkel, around June 22, 1950.
    Estimated cost of move was $3,700 and est. for 2nd permit to renovated house was $2,700.
    Interesting note: There had been talk of Safety Lane wanting the vacant lot for parking.

  • "Allison Park" to Maple Avenue
    Moved from "Allison Park" to 1942 Maple Avenue
    Moved to allow construction of Norwood Post Office
    New location has a concrete block foundation (original was probably stone)
    Some modifications have been made to house since the move.
  • Courtland to Mills
    Moved from 1931 Williams Avenue to 3925 Ivanhoe Avenue, ca. 1963.
    Moved to allow expansion of the United Dairy Farmers' plant.