1896 Directory for Norwood, Ohio,
by P. S. Bettinger

An alphabetical listing of people and businesses
in the Village of Norwood in 1896.

—About the Directory—

Some addresses appear to be in error. Sometimes two people living at the same location will have individual listings with different addresses. Also, there may be an address given that is impossible, e.g. streets that never intersected or a west side of a street, when there was only a north and south side for that street. The probable address is given in the following form ... (sic - n s). Sometimes, two addresses will be given for the same person at two listings in the directory (usually, a residential listing and a business listing, which also gives the residence of the owner), for example, Geo. H. Morgan's residence was listed as the corner of Floral & Jefferson Avenues and as the 2nd house east of Floral Avenue on the south side of Jefferson Avenue. When this occurs, both addresses will be given.

A name is sometimes mispelled. What is believed to be the correct name or initial will be given like this ... (R. ?).

    Abbreviations used in the listings.

  • e, n, s, w - east, north, south or west
  • e c, n c, s c, w c - east corner, etc.
  • se c, sw c, ne c, nw c - southeast corner, etc.
  • e s, n s, s s, w s - east side, etc.

  • ass't - assistant
  • atty. - attorney
  • bds. - boards
  • bkkpr. - book keeper
  • city, Cin'ti - Cincinnati
  • Co. - Company
  • dept. - department
  • h - house
  • Ins. - Insurance
  • mcht. - merchant
  • mfr., mfgr., mfs. - manufacturer(s)
  • o, opp - opposite
  • r, res. - residence
  • R. R. - Railroad
  • sec., sec'y - secretary
  • treas. - treasurer

  • B. & O. S.W. R. R. - Baltimore and Ohio Southwest Railroad
  • C., L. & N. R. R. - Cincinnati, Lebanon and Northern Railroad
  • Com. Gazette - Commercial Gazette
  • Cov. St. R. R. Co. - Covington Street Railroad Company
  • K. of P. - Knights of Pythias
  • R. M. S. - Railway Mail Service
  • U. S. Exp. Co. - United States Express Company
  • W. U., W. U. Tel., W. U. Tel. Co. - Western Union Telegraph Company
    Some examples:
  • s s Tilden 1st res. e Carter - south side of Tilden Avenue, at the first residence east of Carter Avenue.
  • e s Lafayette at 2nd r n Adams with H. Edmundson - east side of Lafayette Avenue, at the second residence north of Adams Avenue, probably the home of H. Edmundson.
  • Bauer, John, butcher & meat store, e s Main at 4th h n Ashland res. e s Main at 4th r n Ashland - John Bauer worked at, and probably owned, a butcher shop on the east side of Main (Montgomery Road), at the fourth house north of Ashland Avenue, which was also his residence.
  • Copeland, Ben, machine hand F. G. Leiman Planing Mills - Ben Copeland worked as a machine hand, operating planing mills at the F. G. Leiman business. Leiman was a contractor, manufacturer and builder, located on the east side of Montgomery Pike, between Hudson and Wayland Avenues, opposite Ivanhoe Avenue. Mr. Leiman lived in Norwood at the second house west of Ivanhoe Avenue on the south side of Mentor Avenue. Since Mr. Copeland's residence was not listed, he may have lived outside of Norwood.