Historical Dates for Norwood, Ohio.

  • 1971
    The Globe-Wernicke office-furniture line is sold to Hamilton Cosco, Columbus, Indiana. The manufacture of Globe-Wernicke furniture at the Avco plant in Tennessee ceases.

  • 1971 (June 10 and July 1)
    The Enterprise reports that Norwood will have the first complete Fire-Police Emergency Reporting Telephone System in the Greater Cincinnati area. The new phones will allow a citizen to call either the Fire or Police Department to report an emergency. The previous red fire boxes will be removed. The installation of the new network was expected to take 12 to 18 months.

  • 1971 (October 10)
    The new headquarters for the Norwood Eagles at the remodeled Penn-Central Depot, 2863 Harris Place, is dedicated.

  • 1972 (September 28)
    The longest strike against General Motors ended after 174 days when the U.A.W.'s Norwood Assembly Plant members approved a new contract. The following month, the plant announced that just 40 of the 1,100 partially built Chevrolet Camaros and Pontiac Firebirds assembled at the facility before the April strike would be saved from the scrap yard.

  • 1973
    Construction on Surrey Square Mall is begun late in the year on the site of The Strobridge Lithography Company on Montgomery Road.

  • 1975 (February)
    Former Norwood Mayor George Kleb dies.

  • 1977
    Norwood uncaps one of the old artesian wells at Park and Linden Avenues, providing an alternate source of clean water after a carbon tetrachloride spill in the Ohio River.

  • 1978 (January 1)
    Effective on this date, the YMCA and YWCA of Hamilton County terminated the operational agreement of the Northeastern Branch building at Sherman and Walters Avenues. The YWCA was to sell its part of the jointly owned building.

  • 1978 (January 19)
    Joseph W. Shea, Sr., Norwood's Urban Renewal Director, died at the age of 83.

  • 1978 (February)
    Council approved moving the Norwood Community/Senior Center to the former St. Elizabeth School building. Negotiations to lease the building were finalized in September.

  • 1978 (February)
    Norwood's Sheila Anderson was crowned Miss Ohio Universe.

  • 1978 (March)
    Council approved the rezoning of property at Smith and Lafayette Avenues for the construction of a new GMAD credit union (today's Wright-Patterson Credit Union). Ground breaking occurred in August.

  • 1978 (March)
    Plans were started to create the Norwood Historical Society. On May 2, a charter was adopted and the board of trustees was elected.

  • 1978 (March)
    Pennington Bros., Inc., Sherman Avenue, bought the Rubel Rye Bread bakery.

  • 1978 (April)
    Linclay Corporation and Schroder Real Estate formed a partership called Surrey Square Associates.

  • 1978 (May 1)
    Norwood pharmacist Robert Simon was fataly shot in the parking lot behind Stan's Pharmacy. Four men were later arrested for the murder.

  • 1978 (June)
    Council approved $85,000 for the Community/Senior Center.

  • 1978 (June)
    The Linwood Waterfields, land purchased years ago in hopes of providing Norwood with anothe source of water, was offered to Norwood residents for use as 25'x25' garden plots.

  • 1978 (June)
    The U. S. Shoe Corporation announced that it was considering moving its corporate offices and warehouses to Cincinnati at the new Eastwood Village Industrial Park.

  • 1978 (July)
    Norwood's 75th anniversary of its incorporation as a city was celebrated at the annual Summer Daze festival, the Jubilee Days parade and Norwood Day at Americana Amusement Park.

  • 1978 (August)
    The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra had a concert at Shea Stadium.

  • 1978 (August)
    SILCO, Inc., a Norwood-based industrial laundry and janitorial service, sold it operations to ARA Services, Inc., a Philidelphia, Pennsylvania business.

  • 1978 (September)
    The Norwood Ecumenenical Witness Housing Board purchased Regina High School for senior citizen housing.

  • 1978 (October 29)
    Opera singer Roberta Peters sang at the Norwood Junior High School. A reception followed at City Hall.