the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
to Norwood in 1870

From the book The Suburbs of Cincinnati, Sidney D. M. Axwell, 1870:

    "... after departure from the road from the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton railroad, is Ludlow Grove, nine miles from the depot in the city, a subdivision made in 1869 ...
    "Avondale station, eleven miles ... is at (the) crossing of Reading or Lebanon turnpike.
    "One mile farther out is Norwood, on the Montgomery pike. Formerly this was called Sharpsburg. In 1869 a valuable addition was laid out in large lots, and the avenues graded north of the village. Since then the name of the postoffice has been changed to Norwood.
    "Oakley, one mile east of Norwood, on the Madisonville turnpike, is about three years old ...
    "Madisonville, prior to the completion of the railroad in 1866 ..."

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The Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad (later known as the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad) came north from Cincinnati, traveling up the Millcreek, and then went east, breaking away from the C., H. & D. R.R. It continued its path through Norwood and other eastern suburbs until it reached the Little Miami and went on to eastern Ohio, along its original route. Ludlow Grove was near St. Bernard. Lebanon turnpike is known as Reading Road today. The "valuable addition" of 1869, north of old Sharpsburg, was, of course, the Norwood Heights Subdivision of Parvin, Bolles & Lane.