A clipping from The Norwood Enterprise,
September 12, 1918


World's Champs Hang Goose-egg
on Over-the River Team

Next Sunday Fourth Game of the Series
Will Be Played at Bellevue

   A large crowd was present to see the Champion Norwood team pin another defeat on the strong Bellevue delegation in the third game of the series played at the Norwood Park Sunday afternoon, the score being 5 to 0.
   "Sally" Creager in the box for the Champs had the Bellevue team at his mercy during the most of the contest, only twice seeming to be in danger and then by pitching great ball and the usual good work of his team mates shut the visitors out without a run. This was as good a game as has been played on these grounds this season neither team scoring until the fourth when Tiemeyer hit safely, an error by Tepe put Scott on and Donnelly drove one over short scoring Tiemeyer, when a Texas leaguer from "Red" Munson's bat drove in Scott and Donnelly. In the fifth the Champs did some more hitting and with Kellerman's long drive to center field drove two more runs over the plate, putting the game on ice for Norwood. Munson behind the bat played in usual good form and was also the leader at bat getting 2 hits out of 3 trips. Tiemeyer got 2 out of 4. Witter in center made some of his sensational catches. Werner in left and Donnelly in right did some wonderful work.
   Bellevue has a chance to score at two different times but the Norwood boys were determined they would not see home and played airtight ball at these critical times, Kellerman making a great one-handed catch, while up in the air of a long drive that was ticketed for three bases.
   Decatur was in the box for the visitors but was easy for the Champs allowing them 9 hits. Carr and Meyers were best with the stick for the Bellevuites while Collins and Hewitt played a great game stopping some that looked as though they would go for extra bases. Schlei was on the receiving line and put up a good game.
   The next game of the series will
(be) played next Sunday at the Bellevue park and the Champs are determined to make this the final game and the Bellevue team is equally as anxious to win so a great game can be expected and a large crowd will be present to witness the contest.