Though Norwood Did
Its Full Share

A clipping from The Norwood Enterprise newspaper,
June 13, 1918

Second Airplane Disappoint-
ment For the Champs

   It is announced that the Camp Sherman team headed by Charlie Magnus, former second baseman for the Norwood Champions, will be here for games at the Norwood Park Saturday and Sunday.
   To the great disappointment of the Norwood Champions the airplane from the Dayton Field did not reach the ball park either Saturday or Sunday. The fault was not that of President Rohrer as he had made all arrangements for both trips, even to securing the aviator and the failure of the appearance was not due to any fault on his part. Saturday the airplane started from Dayton with Lieut. Hambly aboard, but developed engine trouble and had to descend near Franklin. Sunday it didn't start at all because of an order issued holding all planes at that point for some unexplained reason. Crowds gathered on both occasions to see the arrival here, but there was nothing doing. The Aviation ball club came, however, and was trimmed by Norwood at both games, 8 to 3 on Saturday and 10 to 0 Sunday.

   In the Athletic League Saturday Pleasant Ridge defeated Edna Brass by 25 to 22.
   The Hilltops came out on top again Sunday, defeating the Howard Eagles 10 to 0. Next Sunday the Hilltops taken the Pelican Midgets, rated as one of the best Class B teams in Cincinnati, and this will be the acid test for the North Norwood bunch. Game starts at 1 p.m. at Norwood ball park.