1880s — A Future Village Grows

    Until May, 1888, there was no incorporated village of Norwood. All the improvements were being made by developers, community improvement societies and individuals with the county and townships providing some governmental resources, especially for roads and schools. Comments by this web site are noted in this style font.

As reported in November, 1887, in the Cincinnati Times-Star:

    "Several years ago there were but 300 inhabitants at Norwood. Now, in the three divisions there are over 3,000." (The three divisions referred to were probably South Norwood, East Norwood and "old" Norwood. But, when Norwood was incorporated the following year, the population was not this high.)

    "Two years ago last summer (1885) the first new house was built in South Norwood. Now it is one of the handsomest suburbs about Cincinnati."

    "East Norwood is a suburb made up almost exclusively of people who own their own homes. There are only two or three families in the place who occupy rented houses. In fact it is an utter impossibility to rent a house there."

    "Norwood is going to have a drug store. L. Dressel, now of North Side, is building one on the Montgomery pike." (This is an indicator of growth, for a store to locate where the customer base is sufficient and will increase. In January, 1888, Dressel's Drug Store opened.)

    "Numbers of magnificent forest trees on Monroe street, in South Norwood, are being cut down as the improvements are progressing." (Monroe Avenue runs from Montgomery Road to Forest Avenue)

    "Jefferson avenue, in South Norwood, is being graded, and forces of men are still at work extending Monroe street and Forest avenue into the woods." (At that time, Forest Avenue ran from Smith Road to Williams Avenue, or perhaps just to Monroe Avenue.)

    "The deep gullies and ruts in the streets of East Norwood are fast disappearing, thanks to the plow and scraper brigade."

    "The Smith road, from South Norwood to Norwood, is being improved by the county, and a new culvert is being built."

    "Since the opening of the new school house, a year ago last September, the attendance of scholars has doubled, and a $10,000 addition is being built to accommodate the new pupils. If this is not an index of the rapid growth of the suburbs, nothing can be shown to prove the truth of that assertion." (A project of the Sharpsburg School District (?) with local taxes.)

    "The plank walks on Harris avenue near the East Norwood Station, are being repaired." (Probably by the East Norwood Improvement Association.)