The Norwood High School
1923 Silhouette Yearbook

   The June 1923 issue of the Norwood High School Yearbook was titled "The Silhouette June, 1923, Volume One, Crimson & Gold Issue."

   Some of the advertisers were the Sunshine-Sweete-Shoppe, 4634 Main Avenue; Nieporte's Toggery, on "City Hall Square;" The First National Bank of Norwood, at Washington and Main Avenues; The Norwood Sash & Door Manufacturing Company; Metropolitan Confectionery Company, at 4631 and 4711 Main Avenue; Ebbert & Richardson Printers, Cincinnati printers of the annual, and J. Albert Jones, Cincinnati photographer who probably took the class photos.

   There were two graduating classes that year — February Class of '23 and June Class of '23. In the February Class was Donald Behrman, Class President '23 and Class Secretary '22, and David Frisch, Class President '22, Class Treasurer '23. The June Class had Norman Auburn, Class President '23, Class Treasurer '22 and '23, Ray Bradley, Class President '22 and '23, and Class Treasurer '22, and Louise Cordes, Class Secretary '22.

Yes, that is David Frisch of Frisch's Restaurant fame. That same year, after his father's death, he took over operation of Sam Frisch's Stag Lunch restaurant. Nine years later, he sold his interest to his brothers, Irving and Reuben. He then opened a restaurant in nearby Oakley, and later, around 1938, Frisch's Café in Norwood. Soon afterwards, because of the Depression, he had to close both restaurants. In 1944, with financial backing, he opened the Frisch's Mainliner and, a couple years later, acquired a franchise agreement with Big Boy.

One of the advertisers — The Metropolitan — opened in Norwood in 1908. In the early days, the owners, brothers Thomas and Nicholas Aglamesis, would hand-churn the ice cream and deliver it by horse-drawn wagons to Norwood homes. In 1913, they opened a second store in Oakley, which remains today as Aglamesis Brothers. The Norwood store was closed during the Depression.

   Besides photographs of the students, there were photos of teachers and administrators — a white-bearded William Samuel Cadman; C. W. Johnson, principal; teachers A. L. Foote, Latin, R. C. Hooke, Commercial, and Honora Jacob, English, and W. W. "Mac" McIntyre (1869-1922), Norwood High School's 1st principal, to name a few.

This photograph is of Superintendent of Norwood Schools William S. Cadman around 1914.