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A 1917 update of the Norwood High School Class of 1904
The following is from the Alumni section of the Norwood High School's April 1917,
Vol. III, No. 8, issue of The Mirror. At that time the publication was a 28 page booklet.

CLASS OF 1904.
   This class numbered fourteen, of whom thirteen are still living and scattered clear across the continent. They seem less matrimonially inclined than previous classes, and of their six children, two were counted last month.
   WILLIAMS W. ADAMS, Jr.: Studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy, and is now an architect with the C.C. and E.A. Weber Co. Residence, 4 Locust Ave., Fort Thomas, Ky.
   JEFFERSON DAVIS DICKERSON: Studied law at the University of Cincinnati and the Ohio State. Is now busy in the oil fields of Kansas. Address, 128 First Ave., West Hutchinson, Kansas.
   EDNA L. EHLERDING: U. S. and Columbia University. Now special teacher of cooking in the Norwood Public Shcools, and lives at 2235 Cameron Ave.
   MARTHA EDWARDS: Is helping the world to run smoothly with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Residence, 4729 Woodlawn Ave.
   FLORENCE H. HOWELL: Mrs. Herman Oberhelman was accounted fo last month.
   THOMAS TURNER JUSTIS: Graduate of U.C. Law School. Admitted to bar, 1908. Notary public on the busiest corner of the pike, Delaware and Montgomery Avenues.
   LUCY M. KELLEY: Is in the office of a wholesale drug firm in Indianapolis. It is said that her Latin is standing her in good stead.
   DANIEL PARK LANE: Took an engineering course at the O. S. U. and is now superintending the building operations of the Ferro-Concrete Co., in Canton, Ohio.
   CAROLINE SAGE McGHEE: One of our newspaper women. Now Mrs. Van Epp, and to be found at 4543 Main Ave., Norwood.
   ELIZABETH MAY PEARCE: Took a normal course at Miami. Lives at 2257 Park Avenue, and teaches at the Allison Street School.
   MADELINE M. RECHTENWALT: Studied chemistry in Chicago. Married Dr. John Monning, has one little girl, and lives at 538 Harvard Ave., Akron, Ohio.
   HARRIET BELLE REID: After graduation from the U. of C., taught in the Norwood public schools. She married C. H. Merckel, has one son, and lives at 4204 Floral Avenue.
   GERTRUDE ESTHER RESINK: Took a business course. Married E. H. Benshausen, and died with her little son in 1911.
   KATHERINE RYLAND: Has gone West. She married Edward M. Bauer, has two sons, and her address is 24 Twelfth Ave., San Mateo, Cal.

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