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An 1916 update of the Norwood High School Class of 1901
The following is from the Alumni section of the Norwood High School's December 1916,
Vol. III, No. 4, issue of The Mirror. At that time the publication was a 28 page booklet.

CLASS OF 1901.
   This class numbered fifteen (sic-actually there were 16) members, all of whom, so far as known, still survive, though widely scattered, and devoted mostly to matrimony and pedagogy:

   Flora Acomb studied under Miss Schuster for a while, and is now doing secretarial work for the Playing Card Co. She still lives in Pleasant Ridge.
   Grace Bellamy married George Mann, and lives in Newport, Ky.
   Julia Church studied piano and voice at the College of Music, and is now a teacher of piano at her home on Forest Avenue, Norwood.
  Louise Church—Gold Metal graduate of the College of Music, is now a teacher of piano and harmony at that institution.
   Edith Edwards is the very efficient manager of the family home on Woodlawn Avenue, Norwood.
   Earle Hagemeyer was grauated from O.S.U., married Merle James, June, '07, and is now manager of the Denver branch of the Baldwin Piano Co.
   Jessie Higdon married Clarence Murdock, and lives at 4517 Smith Road, Norwood. They have one daughter.
   Bertha Howland studied domestic science at Columbia, and is now teaching that branch in Los Angeles, Cal.
   Harry Humbel went through the U. of C. and the U. of Wisconsin, and is now Professor of Law at the State University of Kansas. He is married and has one son.
(Olwen?) Jones removed to Detroit, where she married a Mr. Moore. They have two children. Her present residence is 1419 Morse Avenue, Chicago.
   Frances Kinley married Dudley Jardine and has one daughter. They live in Toronto, Canada.
   Bessie Nichols lives within sight of us on the corner of Sherman and Allison Avenues. She married Jesse Cutter, and they have children.
   Eleanor Sanger married William Gregg. They have three daughters and live on Montgomery Road, Pleasant Ridge.
   Marcia Lloyd married George E. Mills, and was at one time Mayoress of Norwood. They now live on Observatory Road, Walnut Hills, and have one son and two daughters.
   Lester Stacey, M.D., has a sign out on Main Avenue, Norwood. He marrie Luella Gebhardt, and they have two sons.
   Gertrude Van Haagen removed to Wisconsin. She is married and living in Canada.

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