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An 1916 update of the Norwood High School Class of 1899
The following is from the Alumni section of the Norwood High School's October 1916,
Vol. III, No. 2, issue of The Mirror. At that time the publication was a 32 page booklet.

CLASS OF 1899.
   This class had twelve members. First, partly by time and partly by alphabet, and so standing at the head of the Norwood High School Alumni, comes Francis Carle (sic-Earle?) Burnett. After his graduation from high school, Mr. Burnett studied law, married Miss Pugh of Kentucky, served four years on the Norwood Board of Education (three years as president) and is now an attorney, one of the most familiar figures in Norwood. Residence, 2030 Elm avenue, Norwood.
   Oliver Henry Pinney studied medicine , married Miss Lida Upleam of Norwood, and is now medical missionary at Benito, Spanish Guinea, West Africa. They have two children, a boy and a girl.
   Robert Florer Hollis, after some years in the south, married Miss Lucy DeVore, and is now in the cloak and suit business with a Cincinnati firm.
   Alice Stevens Davison in 1904 married Clifford F. Cordes, assistant city solicitor. They have three children and reside at 4417 Bragee avenue, Oakley.
   Bertha Jones Ferguson is assisting in the auditor's office in the Sinton Hotel. Her residence is 2420 Norwood avenue, Norwood
   Charlotte Annetta Lindsay in 1902 married Harry Franklin, of the Franklin Plumbing & Heating Co. They have five children, and reside at Burns and Ferndale avenues, Hartwell.
   Jennie Tompkins has been assisting in the office of Hallem & Co., land dealers, at Lakeland, Fla. She is soon to be married to Mr. P. A. Smith, of Denver, Colo., fruit grower in Lakeland, Fla.
   May Kingsley Seaman, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and of Flowers Academy, where she afterwards taught. Married in 1907 Soren Mortensen, electrical engineer with the Allis-Chalmers Co. They have two children and their address is 3904 Sycamore street, Milwaukee, Wis.
   Mabel Roberts Winterbottom graduated from the University of Cincinnati, engaged in library work, and then taught in the Norwood public schools. She married in 1913 Perry C. Willard, who died in 1914. Mrs. Willard was graduated from the Teachers' College of the University of Cincinnati and has recently been appointed teacher of botany and physiology at Hughes High School.
   Frankie Cady Stevens married Mr. Clark. Her one child, a boy, died in infancy, and she is now residing in Indianapolis. Her health has, it is reported, completely given way.
   Grace Johnston left Norwood soon after graduation and her present location is not known.
   Robert Curtis Trivett died suddenly of heart failure within a year of leaving school. (Note: Spring Grove Cemetery files record his death on August 3, 1904, which would have been five years after graduating).

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