Oakley woman killed at East Norwood by a train

A clipping from the The Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper,
March 4, 1897:

Killed Was Mrs. Lotz By a B. and O.
S.W. Train at East Norwood.

    Mrs. Mary Lotz, aged 46, a resident of Oakley, was struck and instantly killed by South-bound Passenger Train No. 7 on the B. and O. S.W. Railroad at East Norwood yesterday morning. Mrs. Lotz was driving into the city in a one-horse carriage, and attempted to cross the tracks ahead of the train, which was then signaling for the crossing.
    The train crashed into the conveyance just as it reached the middle of the track, and tossed Mrs. Lotz into the air.
She fell alongside of the track about 20 feet from the station, and when picked up was dead. The horse, too, was killed outright, and the buggy reduced to kindling wood.
    The husband of the unfortunate victim of the accident is a wealthy dairyman at Oakley. Undertaker Behymer, of Norwood, took charge of the body. Coroner Haerr was notified and will hold an inquest in the case to-day."

Although the exact location of the accident was not given, the fact that she landed only 20 feet from the East Norwood station, implies that she was crossing at Forest Avenue, probably in a southern direction. Although the train was said to be south-bound, which in general it was, at this point it was traveling west. All B.&O.S.W. trains moved east or west through Norwood.