Samuel T. Harris

Samuel T. Harris was born February 24, 1837, in Cincinnati, and died on July 14, 1901, at Norwood. His father was Thomas Harris, born March 15, 1800, England, and died June 1, 1864, Cincinnati. His mother was Mary Bindley, born ca. 1801, England, and died at age 84 on March 15, 1885, Norwood. Samuel's brothers were Edward B. (April 20, 1824, England-August 15, 1885, Norwood), John P. (March 20, 1826, England-September 9, 1861, Cincinnati), William H. (August 24, 1830, Cincinnati-February 5, 1878, Cincinnati) and George C. (March 21, 1841?, Cincinnati-September 4, 1928). His sisters were Mary H. (A.?) Cole (December 15, 1828, New York-October 13, 1859, Cincinnati), Priscilla E. Williams (ca. 1835, Cincinnati-October 25, 1894, Norwood) and Emma I. Harris (ca. 1844, Cincinnati-March 19, 1922, Norwood).

Samuel and some of his family lived in East Norwood, probably at 2815 Harris Avenue. From the burial records it appears that his mother may have been the first member of that family to die in Norwood in 1885, indicating that the family moved here prior to that time.


With the creation and development of East Norwood after the building of the tracks of the predecessor railroad to the C., L. & N., Samuel thought, in the fall of 1887, about subdividing that portion of his farm north of Harris Avenue and extending Norwood Avenue to Duck Creek Road.

As often happens when residential developments spring up adjacent to existing farms, Mr. Harris' new neighbors in the other East Norwood subdivisions had some problems with his livestock. His horses would wander off his farm, where he maintained a training track, and eat the residents' flowers and other plants. They must have eventually came to a settlement, however, as he was written about favorably for his knowledge of horses and as a horse breeder.


He was listed in the 1896 Norwood Directory as being in "real estate" and in the 1900 Census as a lawyer.

According to the 1896 directory, besides his sister Emma and brother George, three more people lived at the residence. They were Rosa Hauck, Anna Wald and Sam Jenning. Mr. Jenning was listed as a hostler, suggesting that Harris may have been operating a hotel or boarding house at his large home. (A photograph of his residence shows two large buildings—perhaps one was his home and the other was a hotel.)

On March 23, 1891, he was appointed to fill the vacancy in the Platting Commission created by the resignation of Dr. N. I. Scott. Also serving on the Commission were J. U. Lloyd, John C. Masker, John Weyer and J. L. Shearer.


The following was taken from the 1900 Federal Census.
Samuel T. Harris, was born February 1838, in Ohio. This single man lived on Harris Avenue with his widower brother, George C., a merchant, and unmarried sister Emma I. According to the record, George was born March 1844 and Emma was born January 1844. Their parents were born in England. Also, living with them were two servants, Ida Davis, born February 1878, and Elizabeth Marten?, born February 1881. Both were born in Ohio.