Barker House

Norwood home of the Barker family, proprietors of the Cincinnati Pressed Brick Company, whose manufacturing facilities were located a short distance to the east on the western banks of the Duck Creek.

The Barker House was located at the northeast corner of Forest and Park Avenues. Today the site is a parking lot for Siemens (the successor to the Bullock Electric Manufacturing Company — later acquired by Allis-Chalmers).

When the subdivision of Norwood Park was platted, the plan may have been that all the houses would have a similiar style. There are still two houses on the street that are like the Barker House.

The Barker family operated the Cincinnati Pressed Brick Company. Their Norwood plant was at Duck Creek Road and Park Avenue (according to a city directory). Since Park Avenue ends at the U. S. Playing Card entrance, the street must have continued down to Duck Creek Road at one time. The bricks were manufactured from clay on the banks of the Duck Creek and the finished product was known as "Norwood Pressed Bricks."